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What is the Sustainability Code?

This document describes the criteria, procedures, and general requirements for obtaining National Sustainability Code certification from the Chilean Wine Industry and for using the logo “Certified Sustainable Wine of Chile®.” The Sustainability Code is a voluntary instrument designed to guide the Chilean Wine Industry towards sustainable wine production based on a high corporate, environmental, and quality standard and to motivate grape producers and wineries to improve their performance through the fulfillment of the requirements set out in the standard.

In order to meet the Code requirements, wineries must have an environmental and corporate management system that meets at least current national legislation regardless of the level of complexity of their operations.

The Code sets out requirements in the three main areas of the production process, which have been identified based on the reality of the wine industry:

Green Area: Vineyard. Includes land owned by the company and land owned by long- term suppliers (contracts of two years or more).
Red Area: Process. Includes the winery, bottling plant, and other facilities related to wine production.
Orange Area: Corporate. Applies to the company including its land, offices, and facilities. There is a Compliance Standard and Checklist that contains the requirements and scores for each area. The checklist items are for reference and thus do not represent formal requirements of the certification process, and other means can be used to meet the requirements of the standard.

Sustainability Reports


Responsible Wine Consumption


Estampa Code of Ethics


Estampa Ethical Marketing Policy


Estampa Sustainability Policy



Every year Estampa brings together renowned national and local artists, in order to be part of the different harvest celebrations with a special sense of contribution to the community. Thanks to the Collaboration Agreement recently signed with the Municipality of Palmilla, we have incorporated local representatives from the community.


In addition to paying tribute to the harvest, this event seeks to create a link between art and the community by providing a space where artists can be promoted and appreciated in a different artistic experience. Furthermore, the idea is also to transmit the value of recycling through the transformation of used barrels into real works of art.

With these types of activities, we want to demonstrate and strengthen our commitment to the environment. We want to bring forward the meaning and value of our winemaking with a true identity from Colchagua Valley, through this beautiful expression of art.


No to Discrimination

We believe in the diversity of people that make up our team and their potential.

Each member of Estampa has unique ways to improve the focus of their work, generating broader ideas and new perspectives to face day-to-day challenges, which allows us to work in harmony.



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